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A dental crown is a professionally manufactured cover (or cap) that is placed over a natural tooth. A crown will help to restore the look and feel of a tooth whilst also allowing you to use it comfortably in the long- term.

A dental crown may be required for various reasons- normally due to severe decay or damage in a tooth.

If your crown is visible it will be made from a mixture of metals and porcelain or ceramic. In more hidden areas of the mouth, a crown will usually be produced from metal alloys or gold- as this is particularly strong and durable for the back teeth which exert more force.

If a crown is suggested then it’s quite likely there aren’t many other alternatives- apart from complete extraction of the tooth or a dental implant.

While a normal filling could help to fix the problem temporarily it is advised that you go with a crown in the first instance- as this is likely to save you time and money in the long run.

While a crown can be expensive (depending on the material used), often it is a highly cost-effective choice. Crowns are very durable and with good care they could last for many years.

The only other option is full extraction of the tooth- but this is highly dissuaded by many dentists due to the various oral health issues that can be caused.


  1. Firstly your tooth will be prepared- it will be ground down under a local anaesthetic until there is enough space for the crown to sit on top (in line with your other teeth).
  2. An impression will be taken and used to make your crown. This should take around 2 weeks.
  3. A temporary acrylic crown can be placed on the tooth if required.
  4. Finally, the crown will be checked for fit and then securely fixed in place with a dental adhesive.